Most people keep money in various places; a purse, a checking account or a savings account. Today, we announce the launch of Muun, your secure checking account for Bitcoin. As a non custodial service, Muun helps users fulfill Bitcoin’s be-your-own-bank promise, and protect their funds from trusted third parties, attackers and human error.

Checking accounts are optimized for the secure spending of money. In strong contrast are savings accounts, optimized for the secure storage of money. Hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger are doing an amazing job of keeping spending intentionally difficult and savings safe. Muun and hardware wallets are perfect complements.

Muun is designed for people who use at least a small portion of their bitcoins. Some use cases are introducing new people to cryptocurrencies, sending money to friends, paying for online services, or getting paid for a remote job. This explains why Muun has SegWit enabled, bringing reductions in Bitcoin’s fees.

Following the motto “Pay to people, not addresses”, Muun is a lot like a global and censorship-resistant Venmo. By enabling the peer-to-peer payments feature you can easily send money to friends using your phone number and contact list. No QR codes, no addresses, no pastejacking.

Unlike traditional checking accounts or payment services run on fiat money, your bitcoins can be unfreezable if in the right place. No matter if Muun gets hacked, goes out of business or turns out to be an evil corp, only you can spend your bitcoins and nobody can freeze them. Simply put by Andreas Antonopoulos: "Your keys? Your Bitcoin. Not your keys? Not your Bitcoin."

Muun implements this with an innovative multi-signature and non custodial security model. Not a tech person? No worries. All of the following is done in a seamless way for users. Are you a code ninja? We are publicly auditable, please review our code! Let’s make Muun even better together!

In Muun, all transactions are protected with multi-sig 2-of-2 and theft detection. A personal key is stored in your phone. Muun holds a co-signing key. The most convenient way of using Muun is by collaboration between these two parts. The co-signing key is also stored encrypted in your phone. This makes funds freezing impossible because users have full ownership over their bitcoins, by holding 2 of 2 keys.

We recently launched a beta version in the Google Play Store. Give it a try and write us with feedback. We are eager to read your comments and suggestions! #tothemuun

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