Edit: As of September 2020, this feature has been disabled.

Muun and Trezor users can now safely transfer money between their mobile and hardware wallet. This new setup levels up the security and usability of your bitcoins, while reducing the number of times your hardware wallet is connected to your computer.

As expected, your private keys stay right where they are. The private keys in your Trezor are never copied to your mobile phone, nor exposed in any way.

Deposit money to your Trezor directly from your Muun Account

Hardware wallets are a well-known solution to secure money you don’t intend to spend for a while. The private keys to spend these funds are stored offline, making your funds less accessible, as with any long-term savings. Some operations, such as running a firmware update, or making a withdrawal, require the plug in of your Trezor. Every time your cold storage connects to a computer, it becomes less cold. Therefore, more frequent operations, like depositing money or checking balances should be done wirelessly.

By pairing your Muun and Trezor, you can optimize the experience for both of your wallets and keep your cold storage colder. Pair your Trezor with Muun to:

1. Easily transfer money from Muun to Trezor, without reusing addresses or connecting your Trezor. Receive money on the go and transfer it directly to your savings account, at any time!

2. Safely transfer money from Trezor to Muun, by approving the transaction from your Trezor (no OTG cable needed). Load your checking account with money you need to use right now!

Sometimes money belongs in different places: some is kept on hand, in a checking account, and savings in a savings account. Muun users now have the ability to organize bitcoins into their various non-custodial wallets. Try the new set up and get closer to being your own Bitcoin bank!

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