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We are thrilled to announce the release of Muun iOS, a non-custodial wallet for Bitcoin and Lightning Network. After some months of testing our app on TestFlight (big shoutout to our testers!), we are ready to provide a seamless experience for Bitcoin and Lightning Network for iOS users.

The days when you had to give up the custody of your money for usability are gone. Muun is a UX-first mobile wallet that allows you to send fast and cheap Bitcoin and Lightning transactions, without losing the custody of your funds at any moment.

Want to have the Lightning experience? In Muun you can do it right away! Just scan or paste the lightning invoice you want to pay and follow simple steps. No technical knowledge required, no loading of a lightning wallet or waiting for channel opening, zero channel management and no split balances between off and on-chain wallets.

Muun users have one single wallet with Bitcoin’s full power: on-chain and off-chain transactions. And all of them are 100% non-custodial.
Just as in the Android version, users can sweep funds by themselves by exporting their keys and using an open source recovery. Both apps are LND-based and can be audited.

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Our vision on Lightning Network

At Muun, we loved the Lightning Network at first sight: we love learning, working and writing about it. We also love doing the dirty work: running nodes, working on reliability, managing channels. However, we know that pretending users to do the same is asking too much.

Here’s how we envision Lightning in a future: You make a bitcoin payment. It is fast, cheap and non-custodial. The payment goes either on-chain or off-chain, according to what it is more convenient. You don’t need to decide on this. You might not even notice it. You are just making a simple bitcoin payment.

We want to bring part of this experience to users today, and have designed our current experience and roadmap to fulfill this vision.

Who Is Building Muun?

Muun is built by a team of 12 people working from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our drive to work with blockchain technologies started back in 2013, when it was hard to get paid for your work as a remote developer because of strong controls on foreign currencies.

What started as a natural and pragmatic response to deeply flawed institutions, ended up as a commitment to build the most secure and easy to use non-custodial wallet.

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